My company prices depend on your company’s needs or individual tax situation. It’s really just best to reach out to me and get a quote. More times then not, I need more information before I can give you a price.

I do offer discounts for situations such as:

1. Multiple years returns

2. Bundled services such as Bookkeeping and Taxes or Financial Management and Bookkeeping

3. Veterans and Military Personnel

4. Public Servants such as Teachers and Emergency Services (Police, Fire)

My rates are comparable to my competitors and I offer more personalized service such as one-on-one individual meetings (or virtual meetings if that fits your schedule and needs better).

I prefer to have a brief conversation and really dive into the details on what you’re looking for. Things to bring to our first meeting are your goals for the project, your needs, your wants and your financial limitations (if any).

Following the first meeting, I would like to schedule an in-person meeting to finalize our Statement of Work or Agreement.

At that point, we get started.

Taxes are a little different, following our phone conversation (should you choose our firm) I will send you an invite to share your tax documents via Intuit Link. I’ll then review your documents, prepare a shell of your return and we’ll meet to review questions as well as walk through your return. You’ll always keep your hard copies of all documents and we’ll keep all items secure in the Intuit Link cloud.

I have 15 years of experience in business accounting and 9 years in preparing taxes. (individual, I recently began business returns in the last 3 years).

I have an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting. I have received my Professional Bookkeeper Certificate as well as Quickbooks Online Certified. I’ve also begun working on my Enrolled Agent license. I would like to offer my clients a broad spectrum of choices for their financial, accounting and tax needs.

Accounting is what I went to school for (MBA). I hadn’t yet fallen in love with it, like most people I chose a degree where I felt it played on some of my strengths. Accounting played off of my strengths in self-management, being good with numbers, strong in mathematics and being very linear in thought processes.

9 years ago I started preparing taxes as a part-time job. I really enjoyed it when people would thank me for sitting down with them and cared about what I wanted to teach them. I also felt bad when someone would tell me that they didn’t understand their tax situation and felt like a number with other tax filing companies. I decided I really enjoyed working with people and with business. I honestly felt like I could make a difference and in the last 3 years since I started my business – I feel like I have the purpose that I desired out of my career.

I’ve worked with individuals who are looking to prepare their tax return including HOH, MFJ, MFS, Single with all tax situations.

I’ve worked with businesses who are looking to prepare their tax return, catch up bookkeeping, who are working through an audit, upkeep books and financials, need training on their system and more.

I recently helped a Non-Profit understand their Quickbooks system and help clean up the setup. Quickbooks is an amazing software but it is very easy to overcomplicate the system if you don’t come from an Accounting background. This can make managing your financials and books time consuming and frustrating.

I was able to make changes in their system and train their staff who took care of the books and now they’re more comfortable and successful in their use of their system. This has increased the employee’s confidence not only in her job, but also in herself.

Making my clients happy and making their lives just a little better (even if that’s all I can do) brings me satisfaction and joy.

If you’re looking to hire a bookkeeper, try to understand what you will need them to do for your company. If you are not sure, talk it over with the bookkeeper and they can help you figure it out.

For Tax Preparation, ask the person how they keep your documents stored for their records. It’s important that it is stored in a secure place. Preferably in a locked cabinet or on a secure website.

For Business Consulting, know what information you can bring to the table to help the consultant provide you the highest quality of work possible. When setting up your business or preparing business plans, setting up team processes, mentoring and training your staff – nobody knows your business like you and nobody loves it like you do. Make sure you find a Consultant that understands how much your company means to you and treats it with the same regard.

1. What are my goals of the project?

2. Are they long term or short term?

3. What is my budget?

4. What information or access will they need? Can I get that together for them or will I need help from someone else?

5. Do they provide more than one service I need? If so, do they offer a discount to handle all of the projects instead of pieces?

6. What does the completed project look like when I envision it? How can I explain that to the professional I’m interested in hiring?

7. What is my timeline?